Nong Thach Khang – NIIE has made me become more mature

It can be say that NIIE has made me become more mature. It has help me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Lecturers and staff are helpful with things other than class work.

Nong Thach khang 

Junior students of Coventry Bachelor Pathway, International Business major 

Bui Thi Ngoc Linh – To develop my creativity and innovation

One of the things I love most about studying here is being surrounded by creative friends and lecturers. I am willing to share my opinions with my classmates. I believe that these knowledge and soft skills will be valuable for my future career.

Bui Thi Ngoc Linh – Senior student of International Bachelor Pathway. 


Mr. Ha Quach – Work environment is the most crucial factor.

Having lectured at NIIE for 2,5 years, I’ve truly enjoyed the collaborative relationships and supports between lecturers and academic staff. We all come from the professional industry with extensive work experiences, high passion, and always try to give students a profound understanding of all aspects of the hospitality industry. The NIIE– Pearson joint programs are…


Ms Katrina Kirkpatrick- Memories of NIIE

I have two types of content: memories of students, and the success of NIIE. Both are merely a summary of a vast amount of memories collected over several years at NIIE. Memories of Students My first day teaching at NIIE was March 8, 2011. It also happened to be Women’s Day. As my students filed…


Tran Hoa Lan – An amazing place to learn

I spent 4 years of my student life in NIIE. At first, I wanted to study hotel operations and management but there were very few good options then. One day, I found the list of licensed international programs, verified by the Ministry of Education and Training, and NIIE was there as the most reliable choice…