At the NIIE, we believe that the value of success is created by human resources. Therefore, we are constantly building a creative, friendly, team-oriented, and quality-oriented work environment to meet the learning needs of our students.
Staff: NIIE’s activities are run by a team of young, dynamic, friendly, creative, and highly professional staff. All employees are fluent in English, graduated from prestigious universities around the world or have extensive work experience in international environments.
Lecturers: Lecturers not only deliver the curriculum to students in a scientific and vivid way, but also inspire them, activate their passion and creativity. NIIE creates the best environment for all lecturers to maximize their potential. At NIIE, lecturers always apply positive teaching methods, emphasize interaction between students and lecturers, and group problem-solving exercises.
Most of NIIE’s lecturers are foreign nationals with a Master’s degree or higher, graduated from prestigious universities around the world, teaching according to their trained majors, and always ready to accompany students in the learning process, scientific research as well as accessing real work environments at companies.
Faculty from partner institutions: As part of the training collaboration between the NTT Institute of International Education (NIIE) and its partners, faculty members from these institutions regularly participate in teaching at NIIE.
Visiting lecturers: Through their participation in teaching at NIIE, visiting lecturers offer students different perspectives based on their practical experience or scientific knowledge, enriching their learning experience at the Institute.
Industry experts: In addition to the specialized faculty and partner institution faculty, NIIE invites experts with extensive industry experience, ranging from Department heads and Directors to start-up founders, to share their insights as industry experts. Through seminars and workshops with these experts, students gain practical perspectives and apply the knowledge they have learned while also hearing about industry matters and careers, helping them to understand the necessary skills and be prepared for their future careers.
Despite coming from diverse backgrounds, all faculty members at NIIE share common traits such as their extensive knowledge, passion for their profession, and innovative teaching approaches aimed at educating students with love and care.