1/ What are the advantages of the International Standard Bachelor’s program?

  • The program emphasizes English language training so that graduates are proficient in communicating in English, which helps them easily find jobs in international environments.
  • The program follows the UK standard and focuses on practical skills training, making it easier for learners to meet job requirements.
  • The International Standard program is issued by Nguyen Tat Thanh university and the bilingual program strengthens English language skills, providing opportunities for transfer to partner universities and student exchange programs if they meet the admission requirements.
  • The learning environment is modern and classes are small in size, with study advisors and tutoring hours available to support students during their studies.
  • Tuition fees are reasonable and affordable.

2/ How is the bilingual (English-Vietnamese) program taught?

The International Standard program integrates foreign languages over the course of each years as follows:

Year 1: 25% foreign language

Year 2: 50% foreign language

Year 3: 75% foreign language

Final year: 100% foreign language.

3/ What are the specifics of the NIIE English Program (NEP)?

  • Students will participate in the Intensive English Program (IEP) class to review and consolidate their English language knowledge, followed by an official English proficiency assessment to determine their level in the NIIE English Program (NEP).
  • The NIIE English Program (NEP) has six levels ranging from basic to B2 standard (equivalent to IELTS 5.0 – 6.0).

a. NEP 1, 2, and 3: primarily focus on communication skills (Listening and Speaking) to help students improve their weakest skills after completing the general English program in high school and support them in studying their specialized fields when listening to lectures or giving presentations in English.

b. NEP 4, 5, and 6 are more academic, supporting students in writing essays and equipping them with knowledge and skills to pass the English proficiency certificate exam after completing NEP.

  • NEP classes are taught by both Vietnamese and foreign teachers, covering all four language skills and following the content of the IELTS English program.

4/ How does the International Standard Bachelor’s Degree program work?

  • Graduates receive a regular university degree from Nguyen Tat Thanh University and a certificate of completion for the International Standard Bachelor’s program.
  • For majors such as Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Economic Law, Logistics & Supply Chain and Accounting, students will receive a Bachelor’s degree.
  • For majors in Automotive Engineering Technology and Information Technology, students will receive a Bachelor of Engineering degree.
  • Graduating students will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the English program at the NTT Institute of International Education (NIIE)..

Internship – Job opportunities

1/ Do students gain practical experience in their fields of study?

Throughout their studies, lecturers will invite experts with experience in each field to share real-world insights with students, helping them gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of their chosen profession.

In addition, second- and third-year students will have practical visits to enterprises such as real estate agencies, stock companies, hotels, courts, and specialized enterprises, allowing them to experience the work environment and learn from professionals and staff in their chosen field.

2/ How does the institute support students during their internships? What is the internship process like?

  • In their final year, students will be supported by the university in finding internships for approximately three months. 
  • They will be divided into small groups for their internships, with an instructor providing thorough and effective guidance and support.
  • The internship takes place during the final semester, allowing students the opportunity to continue working for the employer if selected without interrupting their studies.

3/ What are the job opportunities after graduation?

  • The university has connections with various businesses and supports job referrals for students after graduation. The university regularly organizes job fairs on campus and invites industry experts to teach and establish connections with students.
  • The program not only enhances specialized knowledge and practical skills, but also supplements managerial knowledge, enabling students to have more job opportunities and advance to higher positions in their field.
  • The university’s job portal assists students in finding suitable jobs after graduation. Check out the website for more information: https://vieclam.ntt.edu.vn/VL_TinTuyenDung/Index