Recently, on November 2019, Centria University Representative (Finland) – Vice Principal Hannale Teir directly interviewed and awarded scholarships to NIIE students, and approved for admission in 2020 under the 3 + 1 transfer program between NIIE and Centria

Vice Principal of Centria University directly interviewed students

Accordingly, NIIE Director Phd. Nguyen Tuan Anh congratulated the following students who were awarded Centria scholarships under the 3 + 1 transfer program between NIIE and Centria: Pham Thi Kim Nguyen (class 17BBAV02) and Vu Thuy Duong (class 17BBAV02)

The Vice Principal of Centria University – Ms. Hannale Tier directly meet and presented gifts to the students. The offer of admission will be sent directly from University of Centria later

Director of PhD. Nguyen Tuan Anh shared: “This is a worthy achievement for their learning efforts, but from now until your starting date on September 9 2020  in Finland, you guys still have to focus on completing the remaining modules. In addition, the program in the 3rd year have to been focused, so that it is eligible for timely enrollment. I wish you all would complete your education and being successful in Finland. ”

Leaders of the two schools discussed and set out a learning path, preparing them for students from the beginning

Throughout the year, NIIE is constantly meeting and working with many foreign universities in order to design, organize and offer NIIE students many opportunities and scholarships for foreign countries transfer. With the international standard curriculum, superior English curriculum, NIIE’s students can easily through the Institute’s partners, get valuable scholarships.