With significant efforts in continuously improving educational quality, NIIE officially became the first Vietnamese member of QISAN – Quality International Study Abroad Network

The Quality International Study Abroad Network (QISAN) is a network for Educational Institutions and Educational Agents who operate to the highest standards. QISAN exists to offer it’s members access to other ethically minded operators. It provides links between Institutions, Agents and Students.

QISAN members demonstrate professional and ethical practice in recruitment and delivery of high quality and relevant programmes of study. QISAN members must also demonstrate a caring and supportive attitude to students as well as having a strict code of discipline regarding attendance and study practices.​

With the progressive efforts in improving educational quality to meet and exceed the global standards, recently, Nguyen Tat Thanh Institute of International Education (NIIE) was proud to become the first vietnamese member of QISAN. By joining this welknown network, NIIE not only can take advantages of the tremendous database of global students who are likely to study abroad but also have a chance to promote the international relation with potential partners in QISAN network. This was also a new crucial milestone of NIIE regarding its efforts of positioning itself in the globlal educational map.