NIIE students graduate with pride in 2016

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On 11.06.2016, 20 NIIE graduates walked proudly across the stage at Conference hall A801 to collect a testamur for their newly-acquired academic degrees.

This ceremony recognizes the hard work, commitment and dedication shown by all of NIIE graduates in attaining their qualification at the institute and opens a new era for their future. The ceremony also provides an opportunity for them to acknowledge the support them have received from family, lectures, academic staff and friends during their time at NIIE.

To NIIE, it was special to witness the present of Prof. Dr Nguyễn Lộc – Vice President of NTTU, Assoc. Prof. Dr Trần Thị Hồng – Vice President of NTTU – Director of NIIE, academic staff, graduates and their families.

This year, the largest group of graduates was 19 students receiving their Bachelor qualification issued by Coventry University and followed by BTEC Higher National Diploma issued by Edexcel (11 students).

The director of NIIE, Assoc. Prof. Dr Trần Thị Hồng, expressed thanks to the graduates and their families for choosing our institute.

“NIIE is still relatively young by national and international standards. However it is a strong and dynamic institute, making a distinctive contribution to higher education internationally. We believe that you have benefited from your time here as well as witnessed the institute’s effort to advance as a leading destination for the brightest students. Thank you for being our courage to make NIIE a better place to live, to learn and to thrive” – she said.

She also emphasized that learning does not begin or end with a university education.

“The sea of knowledge knows no boundaries . All of us here today are swimmers in the sea, on our own continuous journey of learning, without boundaries. None of us can see the future, none of us can individually master the waves of new information and knowledge that arrive each moment. Therefore, I expect that you will constantly look for opportunities to test your limits, whether personally or professionally, as long as you have patience, determination and passion”.

“ And finally, I hope you will stay connected to the institute, to the lectures who have mentored you, and to the friends you have shared the time with as the relationships you have established here will have lasting importance.” – she said.

NIIE  highly prestigious Director’s Awards were conferred for 2016 on outstanding graduates Hứa Như Quỳnh and Trần Thanh. Hứa Như Quỳnh shared the best way graduates can show gratitude to their families and lecturers is to make the most of the opportunities we have been given, and go forward into the world with the intention of making it a better place.

She also motivated herself and fellow graduates: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. Let’s be brave and march on !”

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