This morning (April 18), more than 37 students of Economic Law Faculty of NTT (NIIE) had a field trip to the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City.

During the field trip, NIIE students had the chance  to attend a live civil trial. This help the students not only to actualize the theories that they  learnt in the classroom, but they also can observe the real life working manners and career-orientated for their future.

This visit is not limited to their career benefits. But the process of approaching the lawyers of the two parties, the prosecutor, or the judgment of the court also helped our NIIE students better understand of the principles and regulations.

Through this trip, students have the opportunity to accumulate more useful knowledge, to see the importance of law in life.The Institute also wishes that our students will be more exemplary in respecting and enforcing the law. Thereby, spread the sense of law enforcement to the friends, family and people around.