By conveying fun and humor, speaker Phan Cao Tri has turned arid knowledge of IT industry into should be close, easy to understand. In addition, the students of the NTT Institute for International Education (NIIE) were inspired in the workshop “Web Technology – The Journey to Work” held on November 17, 2021.

At the beginning of the workshop, the speaker introduced to the students their development journey in a very close and witty voice. He has a small apartment in the suburbs. He is “bad” in Literature and English, but loves Math. When he was in middle school, he failed to be a good student in Chemistry, but “accidentally” found love with Informatics because he loved playing Mario and thanks to that “charity”, he won many awards such as Second prize for excellent students nationwide in Informatics; Bronze medal in the National Informatics Olympiad on April 30; First prize at ACM/ICPC 2010 in Can Tho. The first challenge, he had to face was when he got into his 4th year of college debt (because he wanted to work) but in the end, everything was fine, he just graduated a little later than his peers.

Summary of Senior Developer Phan Cao Tri's educational history in a "salty" slide

Summary of Senior Developer Phan Cao Tri’s educational history in a “salty” slide

About his career journey, he has two years of experience as a Developer for two Product companies specializing in Network and hospital management software. Then he accompanied Nashtech (former name Harvey Nash) from 2017 to the present. During his work, he was fortunate to receive the “Developer of the year” award in 2019 – 2020.

In the main content of the workshop, Senior Developer Phan Cao Tri introduced to the students the common types of programming businesses, the first is Product (Produce one or a few products for the company or sell to another company), the second is Out Source (Manufacturing to order, can be a piece of software, Product, or sometimes just one or more components in a product) and Nashtech is the second of Out Source company. Next, he shares the paths to getting into a programming company; types of projects in a company Out Source; The positions in the programming business include Business Analyst, Quality control, Developer (this position ranges from “short of breath” to “face down”), Project Manager and operating model to make the apparatus smooth.

The speaker shared some common programmer concepts...

The speaker shared some common programmer concepts…

Related to the major, the speaker also brought to the workshop tools for programming and storing code, and different types of programming languages. Equip students with common concepts, common and specific project design processes so that when in practice they are not “bewildered”. Finally, there are some “cool” things that he summed up after many years of experience and a Q&A session for students.

And some cool stuff that he summed up after many years of work.

And some cool stuff that he summed up after many years of work.

With a humorous tone and witty way of talking, Senior Developer Phan Cao Tri has turned the previously dry programming-related things into close and understandable, inspiring students. Many classmates from 18BIT and 19BIT attended, asked questions, and received positive feedback from the speakers, helping them to better orient themselves about the future career path.